Friday, December 4, 2009

Somethings are better left unsaid.

Again we were squabbling about the house chores. who's going to wash the dishes and who's going to do the laundry...

"I hung several clothes."

"Why did you do that?? It's her turn."

"So, now you have to hang the clothes and do the dishes."

"huhh.. no. I'll wash the dishes, and you'll hang them"

"That time you said you were sick and then you laughed (so you didn't hang the clothes that day)"

"I WAS sick."

"*mumbled something unpleasant* ...buruk perangai."

** silent **

A comeback was needed but some restrain was needed too, so the sibling said,
"Good luck to you."

** silent **

After some thoughts on the implication of that statement, another sibling replied,
"Good luck to you too."

** silent **

"... Thank you."

And then the squabble ended.

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