Monday, November 30, 2009

Family member

Make a sentence using the word "daughter."

6 years old boy said, "When i go to Cosmotots, my daughter go to Singapore."
Surprised by his sentence, i asked him, "What's a daughter?"
He answered, "a girl."

"W, it's your turn. Make a sentence with 'eat' "

"I like to eat ZeHao because he always do me."
"Follow Auntie. 'I'd like to eat ZeHao because he is always bullying me."
At this, he laughed, amused by the word "bully"


"Hi Auntie. You taught SH."
"You're SH's sister?"
"How's SH doing?"
"I tell you ah, he is very very very stupid."

Ah, no wonder he had low self-esteem in class.

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