Monday, December 21, 2009


Grandma smiled showing her white teeth when she saw me bald.A light warmed my heart that very moment. Such sweet, sincere smile, one that came from a non-judgmental mind but an amused one.

It was my sister who helped me shave my head.
My parents' reaction? "Bald? Ouh ok."

Perhaps it was my mum's influence that freed my hands from the chain of gender-based stereotypes. I see it was nothing wrong for gals to be bald, and i felt like going bald, so i was free to do so.  (Most guys like gals with long hair and most gals like guys with short hair, i knew that. But what the heck,it was my head, my choice.) But society wasn't ready for this, and i wasn't brave enough, so i wore the head-scarf.

Today was the first day the kids saw me without the tudung.

Natalie, the 6-year-old kid commented,
"Auntie, your hair is so so so so so not nice."
then she proceeded to suggest some beauty tips.
 "First straighten your hair, then only you cut."
"See, i straightened mine, that's why i let it down"

"ouh~ nice." i replied after laughing, amused by her honesty and choice of words for being tactful. :)


Being bald, wearing the head-scarf and having short hair is interesting. It's time to grow waist-length hair. :p

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