Monday, December 14, 2009


"Class, in a minute the president of the united state will enter this class. He'll have important message for kids from all the over the world. You are his news reporters/journalist, news writers."

The kids paid attention.

"When the Presidents talks, just listen. Erm, .. this president has.. *points finger towards head* short term memory, he'll repeat whatever he has just said. When he does that, that's when you write down what he's saying.

After he repeated what he said, that's when you check again. We'll send your writings to the Star newspaper, Nan Yang Siang Pau and Malay newspapers."

"Dictation againnn, Auntieee?"

"Dictation from the president! Take out one pencil, one eraser and one ruler. I'll go and call the president now"

The mentor went out from class,and after 30 seconds, she entered the class. Kids started to giggle.

"Ehem! I am president Obama. I have an important message for you. Write it down!"
More giggles.

"Wednesday is the third day of the week. Today is Tuesday. *looks towards the whiteboard, note: Monday, 14/12/09*....

...I have three classes in a week. Where are you sitting? *looks towards a kid* She is sitting between the wall and the window.... "

*more laughter*
--Yeah, important message from Mr. Obama indeed.--

Then the president began to forget things...

"Ahh...What did i just say? ahhah! * Kids looked amused.. Mentor then repeated the sentences and kids started to take dictation*"

I heart my job.

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