Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Sept - DQ class - Mentor: "What is a knight?" S.H: "Ehhh, a knight is like this ahh.. *rapid hand movements* whacchaa zup cha! cha! cha!"

- S.H: "Auntie Aimi, why today you no wear your sunglasses one?"

October - DQ class. A squire takes good care of the knight. Kids read: "A squirrel takes good care..."

17/11 -- Mentor: "Sit properly or i'll cut your points!" 6 y/0 W: "You baby!" *shows a fist to the mentor*

24/11 -- 7 y/o W fell from the stool more times than usual -- in front of the pretty girls. Attention seeker, you!

25/11 -- Teenager Q almost fall asleep during the review but was soon energized by the group work. He did some random Tae Kwan Do moves, and then he turned round and round like a small tornado. Mentor: "Q, what were you doing?" Q was speechless.

-- Mentor: "Details! Details!" Teen J replied: "ok. The story's s*ck because Ben said it s*cks because Bryn said it s*cks because -the character- had to do all the hardwork." Mentor: "wow."

-- Teen: "Auntie, what is that red thing on your nose?" Mentor:"Isn't it obvious it's a pimple?"

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