Friday, January 8, 2010


"How many times do you pray?"

"Twice a day."


"i try to.. "

"how about you?"

"twice a year"

Another one admitted the last time she prayed was many years ago.Both of them had tried drugs and alcohol.
...well, at least we were open and did not give judgemental comments to each other.

Then there's another one who told me she was an atheist but during that group-lunch, she said she's a buddhist... hm, may be she's both atheist and a Buddhist.

As for me, i wish i could be assertive in correcting misconception about Islam when it arised during conversation.... Such as  what is haram and halal according to the quran... or said out openly how that i pray in Malay and English instead of Arabic... or to question so called "islamic" laws that were truly did not come from the Quran but so-called "sayings of the prophets."

Today was my aunt's wedding, and she invited her friends from PERKIM to the small kenduri. As i sat with my dad and casually asked if he wants to debate with them about Islam, he said no.
He said that there will be a time, guidance will come to each one of us.. through a way or someone sent by god...(then it's up to all of us whether to reject or accept that guidance) and this time he's not up for a debate.. although he was active in online and offline religion debates, but now he'll just rest and does his job as a father.

"Let there be no compulsion in religion" -  2;256 Quran

Truth stands out clear from Error:

whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah
hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks.
And Allah heareth and knoweth all things." -

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  1. What ur dad mentioned is true...

    39:71 And those who rejected will be driven to Hell in groups. When they reach it, and its gates are opened, its guards will say to them: "Did you not receive messengers from among you, who recited to you the revelations of your Lord, and warned you about meeting this Day?" They said: "Yes, but the promise of retribution was destined to be upon the rejecters."

    and after a certain time.. we get tired of debates...lots can be learned actually from debates and it teaches us to be careful and validate claims we make. but after sometime.. we just grew tired of unreasonable people.