Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Motivation: Fun first, study second. =.=

Kuhen is a boy who used to just walk out of the class without permission.
To Kuhen, the naughty kid, i said,
"I'll give you your ang pau (red packet) at the end of this month"
(credit goes to Fz for the game plan)

"No, auntie~~ Today."
"hmm.. If you behave well, you'll get it this Thursday"
"Today, auntie.."

At the end of the class :
"Auntie, where's my ang pau?"
"This Thursday."
"Noo, today, auntie.. you promised."
"Huh, Thursday. When did i say it's today?"
"You said it just now.."
"No, I didn't. Let's go, it's time to go home"
"No no no auntie, where's my ang pau...~!"

I hesitated.
"How about, i'll give you two this Thursday?"
"No~~ You promised. One ang pau today~"

He turned with his back facing me and a gloomy cloud surrounded us. :P
I hesitated again. "Let's go now, you need to go home"
"My ang pau, auntie..."
There was a short period of silence.
"Let's go into the class, i'll give...."

Quickly he turned back and said with a sweet voice,
"It's okay, Auntie," he smiled, "this Thursday, auntie."



Kuhen said, "Auntie, the other boys disturb me, I want to beat them, Auntie"
"MinJie! JiangMyn!"
"They keep saying about me, Auntie"
"Just ignore them, be patient. They have nothing better to do."
"How long i have to be patient? I want to beat them"
"Don't! Just tell me, i'll take away their pokemon balls, ok?"

This went on for several days. Clearly the other boys dislike Kuhen for some reason.

"Kuhen, come here," i called him while updating the R2D2 form in the class.
"What, auntie?"
"Did you watch Spiderman, batman,.. superman movies?"
"What do the superheroes do when the bad guys behave badly?"
Soon that sentence came out, i regretted. Sheez! Superheroes...setting bad examples for kids! I thought. In the past, kids tended to give up doing their written work and i would remind them that superheroes never give up. But this, time, superheroes were not an examplary for Kuhen.

"What do the superheroes do when the bad guys behave badly?"
"They fight back," he said.
"Ehm, ya, but only if the bad guys kill people, then you can beat them up.." i half mumbled to him and then continued, "but if they didn't, you'll just call the cops, and put them in jail, ok?"

"ok." ..that sweet smile, again.


My morning class has 10 playful boys and 4 girls.
To keep their focus in class, i drew a pokemon on the whiteboard (credit goes to one of the mentor for the brilliant idea).
"Let's see who will catch this Pikachu!" I said after writing their initials underneath the drawing.

It worked. Several boys' hands started to move around catching imaginary pokemons. lol.

"I haven't tell you how to catch the pikachu. If you write neatly, copied the sentences properly and write quietly, you'll get poke-balls for catching this big pikachu. Auntie will walk around to check on your work."

"Like this, only boys can play," MinJie said.
"Because it's a boy game! Girls cannot play..."
"Who said? Auntie watched pokemon cartoon, too. Auntie liked pokemon."

He was surprised.
"Really? You really watched Pokemon?"
"Yes, I did."
"ah, auntie you got watch... superman?"
lol. "yes"

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