Friday, February 12, 2010

The S word

Today we played "in my bag..." game.

In this game, a kid has to repeat countables/uncountables said by the kids who sat in front of him/her.
Example: if i say "In my bag, i have pencils," and pass the bag to the next person, that next person will have to repeat what i've just said and add in another countable/ uncountable thing. So the sentence would be "In my bag, i have pencils and erasers." Since fun is Motots' way to guide the kids in their learning, I told them that they cannot use common words such as "tables" or "rulers."

So, i started the game with "In my bag, I have chickens."
And then it was the Clown's turn, he said "In my bag, I have chickens and shits"
KHau repeated the sentence and added one more countable thing.
When it was YenQi's turn, she hesitated to say "shits."

"You don't have to say it, ..just say 'sheep'" .

She did.

Then it was ReiShen's turn.

He couldn't remember the countables and hence could not repeat them in order.

"Ah, you're out (of the game)!"  I said.

With both hands pushing the table for dramatic effect, and a realistic angry expression, he shouted,

"SHEEP !!!!"

Usually,  it's this type of children that brings headaches and joy. :)

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