Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"There are no accidents"

As much as i like to write personal stuff, in a conversational style, well.. just not today. Today i feel a little poetic.

When something is meant to happen, it will --like a swallow glides with the wind beneath its wings.

Like a pawn on the chess board, gains a sword and slashes and dashes on the white and black tiles, until it stands staring the king, anticipating what comes next. But all the while surprised how all things turned out. It wasn't the pawn who has planned its move, but the master planner.

The wings glide,
but without the wind,
they could glide not.

The pawn dashes and slashes,
but without its team mates' consent,
it could not dash and slash.

The wind could bare to hold its strength
and lay quiet
but the swallow came,
the wind felt like swirling along,
and so together they become one.

The pawn was full of enthuasism,
its mates wanted to rest and watch,
and so together they won.

It's about timing...
but more so it is destiny.

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